Zinza's mission is to create the highest quality softwares that exceed customer's expectations. Not only the global-quality code, we also offer a full cycle of software creation services, from infrastructure design, architecture, UI/ UX design to overall system maintenance and monitoring.

Mobile Apps, Games

Provide mobile application development services. We also support native apps and cross-platform apps as well.

Web Services

Provide web development and web design services.

Business Systems

Develop from upstream process even for complicated systems such as matching system, sales management system and distribution system, etc.

AI, Blockchain & New technologies

Develop apps applying new advanced technologies like AI and blockchain. Additionally, we also develop and maintain scalable high-performance systems from scratch.

UI/UX Design

Support comprehensive graphic design such as WEB, MOBILE, desktop application, etc., and also supports responsive web design to experience on many different devices.

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Our Strengths

Make Things Done

At Zinza, leaving a task unfinished is absolutely unacceptable. Once we start something, we have to finish it completely. With that spirit in mind, we are committed to completing all tasks and plans.

Optimize Mindset

Learning the Kaizen spirit from Japan, we aim to optimize our work and try to do everything perfectly, whether it’s just one line of code, one line of excel, or even other small things.

Vietnamese Spirit and Global Mind

With a spirit of unity, discipline, and optimism, the Vietnamese people and the government have succeeded in fighting Covid.
Inheriting the Vietnamese character, all our employees are open-minded and also do their best everyday to become global human resources who master both foreign languages ​​and connection tools, aiming to become a reliable partner for all customers.

Continuous Learning

In the world of 4.0, continuous learning is essential to survive and grow as technology is changing daily. It is the spirit of each Zinza-er who always challenges himself to be better and better than himself in the past.

Case Studies

Many projects have been implemented

Customer Voices

Thank to all our customer's trust, we have been growing fast from 4 to 100 employees over the course of 5 years. Our customers also include top service providers in Japan and well-known customers from Silicon Valley as well.


Mainly Japan and America Customers


We are open to all questions, quotations, and consulting about our company so please contact us if you have any questions. We will contact you in the next working day.